Ola Mezher


Mrs. Ola Mezher

Mrs. Ola Mezher is our Dietitian at HealthPlus Diabetes and Endocrinology Center. Ms. Ola has more than 8 years of experience in Lebanon and UAE. Her scope of services includes, preparing diet plans for pregnant woman and lactating mothers, preparing diet plans for patients going through bariatric surgeries, helping patients to make choices about their food and health, dealing with pediatric patients and proving them with specific meal plans and and provide weight loss plans for both medical and non medical patients. She sees cases for patients with medical conditions such as Diabetes, Endocrinology diseases, Hypertension and CVD. 
Ms. Ola earned her BS in Nutrition and Dietetics from Lebanese International University, 2009.
Ms. Ola is fluent in English, Arabic and French.


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