HealthPlus Fertility Center utilizes world-leading technology to deliver a world-leading service, enabling us to deliver the best standards of care and ensure the highest success rates for all of our patients.


The Embryoscope is the latest cutting-edge technology available for couples seeking Assisted Reproductive Treatments. The device allows monitoring of embryo development, providing pictures of different development stages. This allows our Embryologist to pick the best developed embryos for implantation, while tracking the development process and identifying any errors that might occur. Only available at certain facilities worldwide, this technology has significantly increased the success rates of Assisted Reproductive Treatments.


RI Witness

RI Witness is a dedicated electronic system that automates the identification of samples, removing any chance of potential human error, and crosschecking samples through magnetized identification tags.


Meditex Info System

Our Fertility Center utilizes a specialized Healthcare Information System for Assisted Reproductive Treatments. This provides quality assurance, allowing faster and more reliable access to important data for both patients and physicians.