General Pediatrics

Our general pediatrics clinic boasts a roster of highly trained and experienced pediatricians who take a personalized approach towards your child’s health and cater to their medical needs with the gentleness and warmth a child yearns for during times of sickness.

The pediatric clinic provides a calm, stress free environment where parents can feel reassured of the high standards of specialist healthcare their children will receive. Our Children’s Specialty Center provides immunization programs, well-baby and well-child care, preventative medicine, chronic care management, general health investigation, physical examination including pulmonology, gastroenterology and others.

Pediatric ENT addresses illnesses or conditions that affect your children's ear, nose and throat. We provide diagnosis of ENT problems like enlarged adenoids and tonsils, management of middle ear and inner ear disease in children, audiology testing in newborns and children of all ages using state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques.